Saturday, May 12, 2012

wauna sale

had some luck at the hometown citywide garage sales.  if you need kids items you would have no problem finding it, which makes my treasure hunt a bit tougher.  

I wish i would have brought my camera with me.  i stopped at the cutest house selling vintage items. It also had a "pop-up-cafe" selling tarts, scones, cookies, coffee and the pretties "vintage" flower bouquets.  the display was so cute.  the young couple had 3 little helpers, maybe they are home schooled?  learning about being a small business owner?  the little boy who took my money asked if it was for here or to go? it was so cute.  they had 2 little tables set-up under the big trees with paper lanterns hanging down.   i tried a strawberry/rhubarb tart - very good.  i went back yesterday to try another treat and take photos but they weren't set-up.  hope they are back next year.

i really like the old wood record player, never have seen something like this before.  i cut the old wires, spiffed it up and it looks great.

love garage sales!

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