Monday, May 28, 2012

thanks dad

my dad served in the korean war for a year and a half.    he served at the ripe old age of 20.  he is the 3rd one in on the top row.  he was a mp and made it to sargent earning a few medals.  he is a pretty humble guy and when we mentioned the medals he said they gave medals out to everyone.  we were at the farm this weekend and his favorite tv channels are an all western channel, amc or tcm.  amc was on and they were having a war heroes weekend and rick started asking him about the korean war.  he shared quit a few stories, being a mp you can imagine he had a few.  he told how a big wig general came thru the gate when he was on post duty and he didn't have the password to get thru, they had a new password everyday.  the big wig said you know me i'm  so and so, dad said sorry, a little nervously, wasn't sure it this was a test or real and told the general he couln't come thru.
the sargent with the general came back and told dad he did a good job.  as dad was telling this the words were coming out slower and his eye's welled up, emotions are still there. 

                               thanks dad and thanks to all who have served and their families.

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