Tuesday, May 1, 2012

phone home

  i found a black wall phone at an estate sale this last weekend.  i have been wanting one for awhile, checking etsy, ebay, antique stores and nothing has shown up
in my price range - cheap. 

The home was teeny tiny and loaded with shoppers.  the only problem was the phone was still attached to the wall, it had a price tag on it so they wanted to sell it.  i told the very nice young man who was trying to get it off the wall, i would come back in a few hours so as to not push my luck.  he agreed and i headed for the check out with the couple items I did find not attached to anything.  i told the guy at the checkout my story about the phone in the basement,  that i had the phone on hold and he asked me - 
dramatic pause............................. did you see the one in the garage?  
oh boy, maybe this one would be easier to dislodge.  so out to the garage i go, found it and the guy in the garage tried to take it down, no luck, stuck on good.  so back in the house and tell the guy i will take both if they can, will get them off the wall.  long story short -

you are seeing double.  

 they were so nice at the sale and helped me out.  there is a some wear on the phones and now i need to find someone to retrofit them to working status.  
oh and the best part, they were in my price range $2 each!

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