Thursday, February 27, 2014

ya'll come

they are reopening 
in their new shop on
127 north main st. in lake mills, wi.
saturday, march 1, 10-4 

i took this photo a few years ago so the address above is of the old shop.

you can imagine how cute the actual store is after seeing this adorable
sidewalk sign.

yee haw!

Monday, February 24, 2014

olympic shopping

a new world record!
almost 3 hours
shopping at the urban farmgirl a few weeks back.
the only reason we did leave 
was she was going to be closing soon.....
my friend kathy/kate came home with the gold - 
the cute robins blue buffet/desk above.
it is so cute.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

boys of winter

i happened to look out the window to the backyard just before dusk and saw the neighbor boys
having some winter fun.
they were shoveling the
snow off the frozen creek to make way
for some ice hockey.
if you look close you can see 2 little pumpkins - how cute is that for a 
a makeshift goal.
or were they using the pumpkins as "stones" for a curling game? 
 future winter olympians?

also if you look close you can see
the small fire that is just getting going
on the ice.
my camera lost battery power as the fire 
was getting bigger so i don't have a better photo of the fire.

the creek rarely freezes over.
guess spontaneous hockey on the frozen creek
is one of the perks of this coooooold winter.

the neighbor boys playing on the frozen creek
 reminded me of the sleding scene in 
the movie "it's a wonderful life" 
so picturesque.

it also brought back memories of our boys exploring the woods,
building forts, canoing down the creek.
it was a wonderful life.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

stormy kromer

continuing on the olympics theme,
Stormy Kromer (also known as the elmer fudd hat) was named the official lifestyle 
apparel sponsor of the 
USA ski jumping and the official fashion wear supplier of the women's 
ski jumping USA.
i learned of this last summer when we were in
mackinac at the
mackinac clothing store.

i was talking to the very nice lady as she was ringing me up
 and she asked where we were
i told her and said we hadn't been back in mackinaw since our honeymoon
many, many many years ago.
as i was telling her this another
women walked by and chimed in
that she hadn't been back to mackinaw since her honeymoon.
she looked to be in her late 70's.
 the shop lady said oh, how long have you been married?
she replied 8 weeks.  : )

they are made in the good ol' USA
history here

here is the olympic version.
 this year is the 1st time the women's ski jumping team is competing in the olympics.
my grandpa and uncles were ski jumpers.
little partial to this event.