Sunday, December 25, 2016

it's a wonderful life!

merry christmas everyone!
hope you are enjoying the holidays.
i love the poster my son gave me a few years ago.
it's my favorite holiday movie.
below are a few pictures of the goings on around here.

someone's on the lookout for you know who!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

best day

happy thanksgiving!
hope you have the best pie, turkey, parade watching day ever!

pie seems to be a big theme around here.
guess since i lived in pie town, aka "Norske Nook" it makes sense.

another wonderful pie place is in savannah, georgia.
i made the pie banner after visiting
how to instructions are in their latest cookbook.

today is the best day!

Friday, November 18, 2016

tomorrow's weather

how fitting is it that i found this vintage sign today.
tomorrow we could wake up to a little snow on the ground.
1st snow of the season.
yesterday it was a record 70, today 66 and tomorrow a high of 37.

it's been a beautiful fall!

Monday, October 31, 2016


happy halloween!
sorry it's been quiet here, we had to say goodbye to our furry buddy of 14 years.
he was the best little guy - to us at least, not the friendliest cat.
his name was gordon, but some liked to call him "gordiva".

back to business.
It's halloween!

 below are a few scary/not scary pics from
around our haunted/not haunted house.

i think we are ready for the little treaters. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

chick, chick, chick........

hope you all had a nice labor day holiday.
i ran errands last saturday and took the route home thru the 
on my route there's a little farm that has chickens and apple trees  and i was hoping they 
 might have apples out for sale and sure enough they did.
so i pulled over and
as soon as i got out of the car a lady came out.
she introduced herself, carol.
 i told her how i loved seeing the chickens as i drive by,
you always see a few wandering around the house, apple trees.
she asked if i would like to see the chickens.
i said sure, thinking we would check out the chicken coup.
all of a sudden she starts, yelling "here chick, chick, chick!.

and whoosh, out from under the hedge in front the house
about 30 chickens came out!
it was like the scene in the Wizard of Oz, when the Glinda the good
witch calls the munchkins out from hiding in the land of oz.
it was crazy.  she has 40 chickens, a few were out already.
it was so cute. she stated telling me their names,
there were actually a set of twins.
i think she likes chicken.  
i did buy apples and a dozen eggs.
will have to stop back for honey and visit my feather friends again.

Monday, August 29, 2016

tick tock back to school!

i am trying not to get out the halloween decorations already,
so i changed it up with back to school 
in the "craft" room.
this should hold me for until 
at least after labor day!

it's still a work in progress!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

my latest thing

engineer prints!

i finally tried them.
they are so fun and you can try a few and not spend big bucks.
i sent my photos to Staples and they do say not suitable for photographs, not sure why.
i think they work fine.

this is the second time i sent this photo in, tried to make it a 
bit more less dark.

 this was the first try. 
second one looks a bit better.
i am not a professional photographer by any means,
 but with engineer prints 
they kind of have a look of their own and you can call your
prints as being "artsy". 

i am hooked!

please disregard the lamp cord, and focus on the pretty picture : )  

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

i left my pillow in amarillo

we took a road trip to tucson, arizona for my niece's 
lovely wedding a couple weeks ago and the first stop was 
amarillo, texas.

1,094 miles in one day!

i drove 0 times.
my son, drove 80%, my husband about 20% and me 0%.
i offered..........

but I was happy to see the sites and take the occasional nap.
on the way back my driving quota went up to .05%. it was just my husband and i on the way back so i stepped it up and drove for maybe 4 hours out of the 2,000 miles on the return trip.
my husbands really loves to drive!

one of the last breaks before our destination (amarillo, texas) on day one happened to be in shamrock, texas. 
(we drove to tucson in 2 days!) 
it was dark and we stopped to get gas and i got out of the car for some air and i noticed  
  some neon lights on a building down the street.

since we were on route 66 i mentioned to rick that we should go down the street a bit to check it out.
and sure enough it ended up being one of the many
 highlights of the trip.  
for me anyway.

this was the building i saw.

turns out it was the U-Drop Inn back in the Route 66 heyday.
Disney used this building for the inspiration for
 "Ramone's House of Body Art"
in the movie "Cars". 
now it is the Shamrock Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Corporation.
 it was renovated back in 2003-2004.
would love to go back and check it out during hours of operation.
great building!

you can barely see it, but to the bottom right of this pic, 
there is a truck that looks 
like "mater".

oh and once we got to amarillo, i did leave my pillow at the hotel........