Tuesday, May 22, 2012

i heart elkhorn

especially when it is flea market time.  

 sorry don, this was sold!

another hot dog machine......

had a great time at the elkhorn flea market.  it was hot but so fun to see what everyone has, something for everyone.  i stopped in to say hi and thanks to Jan of Gracies Cottage for my prize.  she is so nice, gave me a big hug.  She and Kathy are a great team and you can tell they enjoy what they do.  

countdown to the next show in june begins!

ps. can you believe my luck with the top photo.  i saw this building as i was driving around the downtown area and came back around to get a good photo and what drives by but this awesome vintage car. 

i heart elkhorn!



  1. Hated to miss the first flea market of the season! Why must male bonding fishing trips fall on the same weekend! Thanks for the pictures! I have flea market envy!

  2. June is a must,your pictures make me drool.