Sunday, September 14, 2014

it's baaaaaack

see what's behind the candy scale,
my $2 peg board find.
i wasn't going to have it out in public,
just use it for photo shoots as i mentioned to my husband........
but i couldn't resist and brought it out
to try for halloween, fall decorating and i love it.
 and gosh who knows maybe it will stick around for 
new years.........

candy anyone?
ps - miss mustard seed has a new candy scale 
in her lovely new studio
check it out here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

we'll i tried

back in the day when my family lived in california
we would take road trips to wisconsin
to visit my mom's side of the family.
(one trip was in a red vw bug - all 4 of us - 
thru the desert 
over the mountains, farmlands etc. to wisconsin) 

one of my favorite memories 
was eating watermelon pickles at the family picnics. 
i wrote down my grandma's recipe many many years ago
and this year i finally tried it!
and guess what - they tasted terrible!
not sure what i did but they did not taste like the
watermelon pickles i remember.

oh well, at least the jars sealed and no explosions happened. 

it was a good learning experience.
 hopefully i won't wait as long to try again. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

dive! dive!

back when i was at the re-store store
this was up front by 
the check-out.
the headlights are old flashlights.
so cute. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

chritstmas in august

i picked up this peg board at a restore store yesterday.
2 bucks. 
love the patina and thought it would make a cool 
background for the holidays.

true to form i had some twinkle lights hanging 
on the previous display 
and i put them back
on the pegboard and plugged it in 
and they wouldn't light!

4 months until 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

almost bought a vintage canned ham!

yup, this kind.
i would love a real canned ham - the camping type but
this type of canned ham is more of a reality.
i did ponder purchasing this as
it would go great with my 
grocery kitchen theme seen here.
but i did come to my senses.
for now.....

i am sure you are wondering where you could have gotten this
canned ham for yourself, it was at 
it was a last minute decision to go today.
i wasn't sure if i wanted to battle the heat,
get up early, drive etc.
but i am glad i went.
having been a vendor i appreciate 
everyone showing up with all their
treasures, it's alot of work selling at the market.
i didn't buy much but had fun wandering around
seeing what was out there.
below are a few items 
from the day.

 at first glance i thought this cool vintage stove was 19.50
wrong, $150.
didn't have my glasses on.

cute sign, cute name.

 love this, but it is
not in the budget.....
side note, when i was little my go to flavor
at basking robbins was licorice!

this was my purchase of the day.