Thursday, May 28, 2015

best pie

hope you all have seen and purchased the latest
"back in the day bakery made with love" book.
it's full of great recipes and even some fun make-it-yourself projects. 

i took this photo when we stopped at the back in the bakery in savanah last february.
i love this wall and took the photo in hopes to sort of recreate it.
especially the best pie banner.

and voila (wa lah) they show how to make them
in the book. 

i wanted to use barkcloth for the background like they do in the bakery, book, but am having a hard time finding
the right pattern. 
 and price for that matter,
as i just want a small piece and bark cloth can get pricey.
for the above piece i used wool felt for the background.
hopefully i will have a finished wall photo
for you to see soon, but i don't think 
i will win a "best banner" for my banner.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

tipping in my favor

i have been having really good luck
with finging vintage scales lately
and it's a-o-k with me.
(the cute ice cream cone bank was a gift from my friend denise)

another garage sale find - ice cream labels 
perfect for a
june dairy month.

this was a great garage sale day.
the red scale - 5 bucks!
globes, 2 bucks each.
hope the good garage sale/scale luck keeps tipping in my favor.  

Saturday, May 2, 2015

hey girl it's garage sale season!

i hit a few garage sales today. 
 this sign wins 
the award for most creative,
even though this drawing of ryan gosling 
looks like scary ryan gosling. 

my big score for today!
it wasn't at a garage sale but at a resale shop.
lucky me. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

ready for a wedding

we headed to the booth at columbus antique mall yesterday
to bring in a few items and fluff the space.
i decided to go with a spring bride theme.

rick made the 3 tier wood cupcake stand. 
we saw something 
similar on pinterest and tried to get the plans 
but couldn't, so rick figured it out himself.
it's not only for cupcakes,
it can be used to display whatever treasures you like.
isn't it cute!
rick did a great job and is hoping to make a few to sell.
anyone that is interested email me
and i will pass on your info to rick.

here's a couple in a pink fry pan.....ha!

 there's even a few bridesmaids hanging around.
she doesn't look too happy, 
maybe there's a story there..........

this blanket doesn't have anything to do with the  
"wedding"  but i saw it at the columbus antique mall 
and thought it had great colors, and love the cactus.
but alas, it was a little much for my pocketbook.
need to sell and not buy!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


i stopped in at the ironstone nest
with my son's girlfriend today.
erin has really gotten into chalk painting and has painted some great pieces 
and wanted to pick-up some more
annie sloans chalk paint to keep the fun going.

as usual laura's shop always amazes me.
so much inspiration in one place.
every piece painted to perfection.
and there's exciting news,
miss mustard seed  herself is coming to the shop!
for info.

laura's pieces are so great while we were there
 i texted a few photos of a 
dresser to my friend and she 
bought it over the phone!

i picked up some paint and this pillow.
love it.

it fits right at home.