Tuesday, April 23, 2013

mother lode at the junk bonanza

 we made it!  but before we got here we had to go thru.......

yucky snow.

i picked up my sister-in-law sue and we made the trek to shakopee, minnesota.  It should have taken less than 2 hours -  took us over 4 hours.  not fun but we made the best of it.

the next day was a much better day as we headed to the
 junk bonanza.
so much to see and buy.

the guy (on the left) is on the show "west end salvage" on hgtv  
we need to head back to iowa to check out his shop.  

cute booth, cute name

mama's happy display

sue's checking out this cute retro booth.

which had this blue typewriter - perfect buddy for my pink one.

sign #1 - need 

another way to use globes.

sign #2 - need

do you see that cool sign on the back of the shelf. 
 sign/shelf #3 - need

nice to see some friendly faces - here is jan from gracies cottage and kathy from down lilac lane.
it was great to catch up with them.  
 jan and my sister-in-law sue were sporting cool chucky taylors, i need to get with it. 

thought downton abbey would show up.

out-door arbor - ha!

 sign #4 - need!!! 
as you can imagine not in my price range.

artful junk display

 sign #5 - please!
 seeing a pattern?  i love signs - but again passed. 
  cute yellow bar/ garden/ craft/ cart.

cow - in a field - in a truck.

junk bonaza had a wedding lab -
4 booths filled with wedding ideas, very nice.

this booths specialty is turning vintage wedding dresses into updated wedding dresses.

junk bonaza was fun, but it is good to be home. 


  1. It looks wonderful! Are you going to share pictures of the treasures you brought home?

  2. Saw Donna today and told her I was SO SO jealous. I want to go sometime. Been getting that urge to go to an outside flea market too. Can't wait for the season to start. Maybe I will see you in Elkhorn.