Tuesday, April 2, 2013

wisconsin in holiday

look at what i found the other day. 
 i had seen this cover on pinterest and pinned it awhile back.  i love the cover and never thought i would actually come across one.  it was a bit more than what i like to spend and it's not in perfect condition, but i couldn't leave it behind.

the cover artist is richard e howard. 
 he states that he "spent time on a lake like this near madison once, but the house was just a rugged little place.  the one on my cover is the kind a wisconsin lake deserves - and if i can't afford to build it today, it doesn't cost me a thing to paint it". 
i am sure that rugged little place where he did stay now costs a million to own. 

a fun map.

there are many photos and articles about wisconsin in the magazine, here's a great photo of a crowded beach on the shore of lake michigan near milwaukee.
the reason the beach is crowded and not the lake may be due to the 60 degree water. 

of course farming is a big part in the magazine.

how's this for a family photo!
I just noticed that this family farm is in stoughton, and that is the town where i found the magazine - see it was meant to be.

family dinner after a hards days work, which is never ending on a farm.
mom's giving the evil eye to daughter for some reason....

and one of the great treats we get to enjoy from all that hard work on the dairy farm is delicious wisconsin cheese.

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