Sunday, January 6, 2013

santa got lost in london

santa's helper (aka rick) was very nice to me and let me order a backpack from cath kidston.  i have been a fan for quite awhile and have always loved her oilcloth, just a bit pricey though. I found her book "vintage style" (1999) at the local library years ago and checked it out many times, and incurred many overdue fines.  finally, i did find a book at a resale store - no more overdue fines. 

 anywho, we orderd the bag online, twice, for some reason the neither order registered. (they have a usa website) i emailed the company, they suggested calling their toll-free number and order over the phone.  so i called london : )  it was quite fun to talk to someone with a british accent.  reordered it on the 29th and got it on the 4th, much faster than i expected.  love the cute mailing envelope the bag came in.

 this backpack should come in handy for all those flea markets that i resovlved to go to this year.  fingers crossed i keep my new years resolution.  ha ha. 

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