Wednesday, January 9, 2013


back on "shop small saturday on sunday" last november one of the stops i made was to the cute little town of paoli, just a few miles down the road from madison.  i stopped in at cluck the chicken store which just opened up last year.  susan the owner was working and couldn't have been more nicer telling all about the store and chickens.  while she was talking all i could think about was the i love lucy episode when lucy, ricky, fred and ethel went in the chicken business. i can imagine them having any one of the cute chicken coops below. 

the store has a gift shop in the front which supports many local artists and the back of the store is actual chicken necessities. 

my favorite, would love one even if i didn't have chickens.

actual chicks in coop - can you see them?

condo for city chicks?  
in madison you can actually have 4 chickens in your backyard but no rosters.

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