Monday, January 14, 2013

new view

we have a new backyard - at least a new expanded view.  our neighbors had snow damage to some tree/shrubs in their backyard. 

the view to the left was blocked by the shrub/trees. 

 the ex-shrubs/trees now stumps were shrubs that turned into trees. they were planted by the previous homeowners.

our neighbors just rebuilt their deck so i was hoping that they wouldn't replant as i think their view was blocked a bit also and they aren't!

now we have our lovely view of the bridge back. we haven't had this view since the boys were little, they use to build forts on the other side of the creek.  the land is part of a conservancy we are lucky to enjoy. we live in a neighborhood so we have city in the front yard and country in the backyard.  

view from in the house, priceless.

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