Thursday, December 1, 2011

I shopped small

i shopped small last saturday,  on "shop small biz saturday" and had good fortune at the small shops that i visited.  I found this little guy as a cute shop in Paoli called the Cottage Goddess. Turns out the owner's daughter makes these little fellas for the shop.

this cute little pig cutting board was from a weekend sale put on by a co-worker of mine.  It is one of several cutting boards she made for the sale.  she was nice to let me sell a few vintage items during the weekend, but i couldn't pass up this cute little guy..
down the road in a small town, brooklyn, wisconson not brooklyn, ny i found a cute consignment shop housed in what was previously the neighborhood grocery store, very cute.  it was a functioning grocery store up until 2 years ago.  I didn't have my camera, will have to go back and take photos. i picked up a couple of these glasses, would love to know the history of them.
found this holiday key chain holder at a small antique store, the opera house antique mall, in lake mills, wi.   I think santa will be hanging his keys to the sleigh on this. 

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