Monday, September 28, 2015

2015 elkhorn flea, happy trails

 well, sunday was the last elkhorn flea market for the year.
so sad.
but it was a beautiful day, best day of the year.
i ran into a few people i knew, including my sister who 
lives over 145 miles away!

below are a few fun items i spotted.

 may the force be with you......

 i wasn't surprised to see rodgers back
at elkhorn,
he's a big fan and their game
wasn't until monday night.

 this was my favorite booth of the day.
and it belongs to jan and kathy
the photo doesn't do justice, it was magical.
love kathy's chippy deer display. 
my husband always jokingly says to me as i leave for the 
flea market,
no bigger than a bread box.
don't know if it sold, but am in discussions with my husband in case it hasn't........

 always amazing chippy shabby fun!
don't know how she does it.

pyrex and fireking,
silver and gold.

 vintage spice tin perfection.
just couldn't spend the $ they were asking.

 cute vintage manicure table

chandy galore!

love the colors in this barkcloth
 (sorry this is upside down)

 well, hello again!
rodgers is pretty fast so he can cover quite a bit of territory
at the flea market.
didn't know he was a musician, man of many talents. 

 here's ethel's toolbox

 love this tv!

candy made an appearance at many booths.
love this old time mix.
the last show always brings out lots of vintage 
halloween and christmas

 beep, beep!

 my scale's little sister

 shut the barn door!

 here's a set of tv trays in perfect condition.
growing up we had tv trays,
used them many a saturday night
enjoying spaghetti and homemade pizza.

 i don't believe this was for sale.

 mary tyler moore's mirror?

 remember these?

 cute booth, even the sold sign is cute.

 hey where's charlie brown?

 another mod chair, how much?

ya that's right!  says mr. turtle.

i have never seen a wagon like this one before.....

well time's a ticken, the seasons over for the 
2015 elkhorn flea market. 

time to pack it up,
and hit the gas.

need a reminder for 2016 shows?
check out 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

it's a sign

we were on vacation out east last week and stopped in
 gettysburg, pennsylvania 
on the way home.
driving down one of the historical downtown streets,
i spotted a shop that mentioned hand painted signs.
my husband pulled over and i ran in.
(love the hamburgers sign above by the way!)

i was looking around at all the fun signs in the shop and noticed this cottage living 
magazine article.  
i remembered reading it.
back in 2008?
i miss cottage living magazine.

sure enough this was the new location for the same artist in the in the cottage living article, marty mummert.

i ran back to get my husband as i knew
i would be a while in the shop.
love my signs!
marty was so nice he showed us around the shop, talked about
his sign making career. 
he is self taught!

you can find more info on his website,
and facebook, marty mummert studio.

take a peak below at a few of his creative signs 
that can be yours!

if you are looking for a sign (tee hee) this is the place to go. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

camp wandawega and land of nod and bugs

have you seen the camp wandawega collection
very cute and so happy for them!

i think i have the perfect card game to go
along with the camp collection -


i found this card game at a thrift shop this summer.
basically it's a version of slap jack
but more apropos as when you see 
the skeeter card
you slap it! 
just like you do in real life :) 

did you know the mosquito is the wisconsin state bird?

there are some cute bug drawings in the card game.

 love fireflies, one of the coolest critters 
in nature.

 cute bug name

stinky bugs 

 slimy bugs

 lovely bugs

 halloweeny bugs

 buzz, buzz, buzz,  slap!