Sunday, September 20, 2015

it's a sign

we were on vacation out east last week and stopped in
 gettysburg, pennsylvania 
on the way home.
driving down one of the historical downtown streets,
i spotted a shop that mentioned hand painted signs.
my husband pulled over and i ran in.
(love the hamburgers sign above by the way!)

i was looking around at all the fun signs in the shop and noticed this cottage living 
magazine article.  
i remembered reading it.
back in 2008?
i miss cottage living magazine.

sure enough this was the new location for the same artist in the in the cottage living article, marty mummert.

i ran back to get my husband as i knew
i would be a while in the shop.
love my signs!
marty was so nice he showed us around the shop, talked about
his sign making career. 
he is self taught!

you can find more info on his website,
and facebook, marty mummert studio.

take a peak below at a few of his creative signs 
that can be yours!

if you are looking for a sign (tee hee) this is the place to go. 

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