Wednesday, September 9, 2015

camp wandawega and land of nod and bugs

have you seen the camp wandawega collection
very cute and so happy for them!

i think i have the perfect card game to go
along with the camp collection -


i found this card game at a thrift shop this summer.
basically it's a version of slap jack
but more apropos as when you see 
the skeeter card
you slap it! 
just like you do in real life :) 

did you know the mosquito is the wisconsin state bird?

there are some cute bug drawings in the card game.

 love fireflies, one of the coolest critters 
in nature.

 cute bug name

stinky bugs 

 slimy bugs

 lovely bugs

 halloweeny bugs

 buzz, buzz, buzz,  slap!

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