Sunday, August 23, 2015

meant to be

i was out running errands saturday and stopped in at one of
the resale shops that i visit from time to time.
the shop is a business that buys out estate sales and 
they are only open
saturdays from ten to noon. 
crazy hours.
but they are also open other days for special sales.
right in the front entry as you came into the shop was this vintage display piece.
it was very framilar. 
i had actually seen it at an estate sale about a month ago.
it was in the basement, which was a little dark and
i didn't know if i could take it apart.
so i passed on it, begrudgingly.

so it was meant to be, it had to come home with me.
it comes apart very easily.
for the meantime it will live in my craft room, until i have room
in the antique booth.
where i will once again use it for a dispay piece :)

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