Wednesday, August 12, 2015

august elkhorn

he's back!
a a ron rodgers came back to the 
elkhorn flea market.
needed a little break before the pre-season game 
this thursday.

he's not the only big cheese at the 
flea market.
the madison mayor was checking out the deals.

cute sign?
it was the perfect pink trimmed in violet.
just wasn't sure if the drawing of 
barbie was of barbie's evil twin,

this can of glass wax would make me want to clean!

you can't tell by this pic but these are vintage child size chairs.
i have never seen the real deal, child size.
i showed this photo to a friend and she said
she remembered sitting in the eames chair on the right at her dentist when she was little.
i was thinking i need to shop for a new dentist............

fun NY travel plate

cute smaller shop counter, perfect green color.

hi again!

jadite and red.
no need to say more.

 green cross?

ready to go - soda shop set-up. 

don't forget these,
found in another booth.

 $6,000 dear anyone?

this was my big find.
it's an old aluminum halliburton case.
my dad worked at the company 
when we lived in california.

if you see any spy/espionage movies,
they ususally are carrying their spy gear in a case from halliburton. 
one of my all time favorite movies, 
rear window, with jimmy stewart
has a scene with one and i am sure it was made when
 my dad was there : )

my parents still have their set of haliburton luggage
 and still use it when traveling.
it's gotten a few dings 
since the traveling days as a youngster with my parents 
on route 66. 

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