Thursday, May 28, 2015

best pie

hope you all have seen and purchased the latest
"back in the day bakery made with love" book.
it's full of great recipes and even some fun make-it-yourself projects. 

i took this photo when we stopped at the back in the bakery in savanah last february.
i love this wall and took the photo in hopes to sort of recreate it.
especially the best pie banner.

and voila (wa lah) they show how to make them
in the book. 

i wanted to use barkcloth for the background like they do in the bakery, book, but am having a hard time finding
the right pattern. 
 and price for that matter,
as i just want a small piece and bark cloth can get pricey.
for the above piece i used wool felt for the background.
hopefully i will have a finished wall photo
for you to see soon, but i don't think 
i will win a "best banner" for my banner.

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