Tuesday, March 3, 2015

back in the day bakery

savannah georgia, home of "back in the day bakery"
i have been a fan, for quite awhile.
i have their 1st cookbook and they are coming out with their
 second one march 24th, 
"back in the day bakery made with love"
can't wait.  
you can see preview it on amazon.
looks delish!
anywho, rick was so nice to divert the road to st. augustine, florida
via savannah, georgia.
once i knew we were going there i looked up the route to the 
and we found it!
but guess what, it was............

we were there on monday and it was closed!

so i started to take photos from the outside.

aren't they nice and clear!

 that's because rick was so nice and said we
could go the same route home to
stop in when they were open! 
happy day!

 such a cute shop!

 love the order sign.

 delish lunch.

 recognize the folks on the far right?

yup that's cheryl and griffith day.
the creators of this lovely bakery.

we sat at a long table and started talking to the gentleman next
to us.
  he filled us in on the city of savannah. 
rick told him that i was a huge fan of the bakery.
our new friend said he knows cheryl and griff 
and said she would be happy to stop over.
i said that was fine, didn't want to bother them,
but he went over and she came by to say hi and chat. 
so nice of her!
Cheryl called the gentleman, the mayor :)
i think he was a regular.
but then who wouldn't be, i sure would if i lived in town. 

 perfect vintage scale coffee station.

chandelier with vintage pastry molds.


what can you make with 
marshmellows, cupcake wrappers and straws?
a bakery chandelier of course!
the how to is in their new book.

 i hope to try and replicate this 
wall this summer.

perfect saying,
perfect shop, 
perfectly good day.

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