Sunday, April 27, 2014

finally farmers market saturday

saturday was the annual farmers market outing that i go to with my friend jennifer.
it's great to get out and see all the sites.
the farmer's market is held on the capitol square in madison.

this is boris, so cute!
humm, the second bulldog that i have seen in the last few weeks.
must be a sign.
he was a hit at the market i don't think his owner made 
it too far around the market without
getting stopped every few feet.

this is the other reason we go on this saturday,
it's the crazylegs run.
over 15,000 runners.
jennifer and enjoy a delicious coffee and pastry
while watching all the fit runners go by.
badger celebs.

this is the elite group.
can you see the white bears?
in the paper today there was a photo of 
one of the bears down on the ground, without his head.
he's ok,  just tripped.

here's the team i would join.

a view of just a few of the people that show up.

bye boris.

Monday, April 21, 2014

easter glass

hope you all had a nice holiday and had your share of sweets.
i found these "ball mason jar sip and straw lids"
at target and thought they would be a cute take on easter baskets.
kyle and julie used canning jars in their wedding decorations for flowers, candles etc.  so i thought 
i should make this the year of the canning jar.
it won't be hard to work them in for holidays as there are 
tons of uses, including canning - of which i have done very little.
there is one food item that i wanted to "can" for quite while
 so this has got to be the year.
will share when it is on the calendar.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014


two days in a row of temps in the high 50's
time to bring some spring indoors.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

vintage bulldog

what a cutie!
we stopped at the 
"on the square antique mall"
in walworth, wisconsin and was greated by
this little sweetie.
she alone is worth the stop.
 her owner is actually going to be at 
junk bonanza in shakopee, minnesota 
on april 10th and 11th
and at the elkhorn flea market
sunday may 18th.
their biz is
"treasured nest antiques & uniques".
tell them sophie sent you.