Tuesday, March 25, 2014

working weekend

i told rick i had to go to work last weekend,
he sort of had a chuckle.

this last weekend i did go to the office,
actually the office at the 
 to further my studies on all things antiques.
we went up north to the farm and made a quick stop at
keri from meadowview farm and her husband were working.  
they are so nice, the epitome of good folks.

here's a couple pics from keri's booth

would have luv'd this - (wasn't in keri's booth)
but a bit pricey.

i did purchase something, not sure if i will show the item - as you may think what in the world???

also managed a quick stop at odana antique mall on sunday,
it was a very busy working weekend : )
a few snippets below from odana.


  1. Don't you just love Kerri's stuff? Her's is the first place I head to when we visit Hixton. Have not been to Odanna but it looks like a visit may be required.

    1. me also, head right to kerri's booth to see her treasures. odana is fun, a little pricey but nice stuff. donna and i have been there a few times. take care!