Sunday, December 8, 2013

hello urban farmgirl!

come on in,
(cute decals for sale)

to the wonderful world of the urban farmgirl!
kathy(kate) chris and myself headed down to rockford, il
to find holiday treasures at mary's shop 
she did not disappoint. 

we had a great time.
spent quite awhile browsing as there is so much to see -
 it's hard to leave.
we made quite a few trips around the shop,
mary laughingly said "your still here" on our maybe 5th or 6th trip around!

sorry for the not so good photos, my camera went kind of goofy
 and i had to take photos without seeing what i 
was shooting at.
see the letters top left of this photo -
mary posted them on facebook
and she said the phone was ringing off the hook, they were selling like crazy.

merry christmas to me : )


  1. It is always to great to see you girls! And you come hang out as long as you want anytime!! :o)

    1. kate's on her way......... thanks we really enjoy your shop, you are so welcoming and fun and the shop is just like you fun, welcoming, a place you want to be at.