Friday, August 2, 2013

christmas in july, make that august

i am the lucky recipient of this walter's beer advertisement.  
my sister-in-law sue was so nice to give it to me, love it. 

 eau claire wisconsin is the home of walter's beer; it is also where my mom grew up. my family would take trips from california to wisconsin every couple years (one trip was in a red vw bug - 4 of us) to visit my  grandpa and grandma in eau claire.
 who knows maybe they had walters beer at one of the family gatherings...... 

also the other day my neighbor heather presented me with these fancy holiday pine cones.

she found them at an antique store during a little northwoods get-away in minocqua, wisconsin. 
we walk every so often, and on the last leg of our intense workout - we go past a big pine tree. of course we have to stop and pick up the pine cones on the ground.  
need to get paintin' those pine cones. 

with all this holiday talk, might be hard not to watch some holiday movies.
"shop around the corner" is one of my favs. 
happy christmas in august!

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