Friday, August 23, 2013

almost famous

the new fall flea market style magazine is out! 
cover styled by camp wandawega hostess with the mostess herself, tereasa surratt.

they have great articles like this one, favorite finds. 
we can all relate to this i bet.

they posted fav finds from all over the us - 
let's see what fav finds they found in wisconsin


that's right.

i emailed a "few" favorite finds back when  flea market style blogged about fav finds and they picked my souvenirs sign!!!
i didn't hear anything back after i had emailed, so i didn't think my finds were much of anything : )
they might of thought i was a stalker and wanted to cut off all communications....

to my surprise, 
my sister donna's sister-in-law (correct grammar?) diane
commented on my previous post "table for two" (thanks again diane)
and asked if that was me in the flea market style mag fav find.
i wasn't able to pick up the magazine yet,and had no clue.

thanks ki (i know she personally picked it) and all the good folks at flea market style magazine,
home to the fun junk bonanza in minnesota.
this is a great article about the 
"spring (snow-mageddon) junk bonanza"
 that my 
sister-in-law sue 
and i went to.

here the sign, sorry not the best photo.
but how happy am i?????????


*sorry for the lame picasa
"even more fun and useful image processing"

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  1. Thanks for the shout out - that makes me almost famous by association to your being almost famous ??!
    Maybe- kinda sorta ?? Diane