Saturday, July 13, 2013

the end

to a fun day.  
i took friday off to hit the new glarus city wide garage sales.  new glarus ("america's little switzerland" and home to the new glarus brewery - famous for it's spotted cow brew) is a cute little town about 30 miles south of madison.  many years ago my friend kathy/kate and i had an antique booth in town, started it right when gas price went sky high and folks stopped venturing out for sunday drives so timing wasn't the best.  anywho, thought i would take advantage a beautiful summer day and venture south and visit the old neighborhood. 
on the way out of town i hit a few garage sales in madison and found the coolest vintage screen.

packs up in this handy case

pull the cord up

and ta-dah - it snaps in place and you are good to go.

not sure how old it is, the company is still in business.   

knew i was going to have a fun day when this was one of the 1st things i saw on my garage sale adventure. 

not for sale though.........


  1. Great find! Love the camper! We scored a slide projector at an auction and on my birthday looked at slides of us from 1970's. Such fun. Keep your eyes peeled for another screen for me!

    1. will do! what a fun thing to do for your birthday. we also have some slides - not sure what is on them, oh so long ago. : )