Thursday, November 1, 2012

whooo whooo!

had a fun halloween?

this cute scene is by Kari from Meadowview Farm.  She has a booth and case at the Hixton Antique Mall  (the previous home of the cutest pink typewriter ever).

she also has a great barn sale at her farm which we ran into by chance a few years ago.

    long or short story - she came to a garage sale that i had years ago.   we chatted and i found out she had a booth that i always checked out whenever i was at the columbus antique mall.   anywho, fast forward a few more years, i was at the antique mall and in her booth she had a note saying she was closing up and moving up north, needless to say i was bummed.  fast forward a couple years again we were at my parents up north and my mom and i went to an antique store. while there we found out about a barn sale going on.  we headed over and luck be had it was Kari's barn.  she recognized me from the garage sale i had due to vintage tablecloths i had hung to hide ugly garage stuff.   so happy that she is back in business at Hixton.  

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