Wednesday, October 17, 2012

haunted shopping

this building could be the perfect place for a haunted house, but instead it is a building full of treats.

not sure what this building was origonally built for, but now it houses vintage and retro items, 6,000 ft worth!  but only a small portion is open for shopping.

approaching the entrance and seeing this in the window i figured good things were ahead.

they had painted this mod entrance a few years ago and i had always wondered what was in the building, never saw any life, now we know.  area 51 vintage is the main biz here, oodles and scads is the other.  they will be having another sale in November, hope i can make it.

this way to cool vintage.

who doesn't need a few waves.

love this desk, there was a whole groovy yellow bedroom set available, mixed in behind other vintage items.

a lovely red vinyl couch.

would love to know where this originally came from.

what a lovely chair, other than the fabric, i can see it in off white fabric with brass nail heads? wood painted black?  or not?

sold. where there's a will there's a way.

at least somebody likes it, hum but this is the reason we are chair shopping. 



  1. Um....where is this place? Doesn't look like Columbus....share!

    1. oops, sorry, yes it is here in madison on pennsylvania ave, that turns into packers ave. before oscars. i need to find out what the building was in it's heyday. check area 51 vintage for the next sale. hope all is well :)