Saturday, January 28, 2012

swish and it's clean!

it has handy handgrips.
I love the graphics and info about this "cooky" sheet. I have never seen a green colored cookie sheet before. this cookie sheet was made by the Mirro Co. here in Manitowac, Wisconsin.
At its peak, Mirro was the United States' largest manufacturer of aluminum  cooking utensils, and over time had as many as eight plants in three states, with products ranging from pots and pans to small boats and aluminum siding.

  i picked it up at the local thrift shop.  we are lucky - i am lucky that we have one in our small town.  currently they are having a vintage kitchen sale, in other words, items for sale are antique store prices.  not much of a break.  I will have to go back in a few days, when they start to mark items down and see if anything good is left.... happy baking! 

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