Monday, January 2, 2012

mara's market's for sale

wouldn't this be perfect!

i was checking the times to see when this shop was going to be open yesterday and saw that the building is for sale!  it would be perfect to start mara's market as it is halfway there. love the aisle signage, vintage lighting and tin ceiling.  the shop owner has had the business for 18 years, she is ready to try something new.  she gave me a great history tour of the building. i bought a few powerball tickets today, as that would probably be the only way i could own something like this.  i hope the next owner keeps is as a vintage market, just spiff it up a bit.

dairy cooler
door to the dairy cooler
this is where you add items to the cooler from the back.
back work room.
photo (sorry blurry pic) of the store when shopping carts were added. previously customers would give grocery list to clerks and they would get the items for you. 
the possibilities........
side street view.
 street view other end.  red building was an old blacksmith.

will keep you posted on the lottery tickets. 


  1. Mara, were you there this weekend? I went by twice and they were closed. Headed to Columbus instead.

  2. Where is this adorable shop! It would be perfect for you! Perhaps buy a powerball on January 15th when the minimum jackpot is $40 million!

  3. hi susan, it is in downtown brooklyn : ) i will have to give powerball another chance. you and your hubby aren't looking for a project by chance :) it could be a great consignment antique store. my husband won't budge.