Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the office

welcome to my office.

just kidding.  this was command central when pricing, packing flea market goods.  i enjoy working in the garage on a card table, listening/watching one of my all time favs, the Dick Van Dyke Show. i learned that netflix works in the garage, yippee!  I have bought card tables from garage sales, they aren't priced for sale, usually doing their job and holding items for that are for sale.  But if it is a "vintage" card table that I like I will get up some gum-shun and ask it they would sell the card table to me.  most people are kind of taken aback that i am interested in the card table, but i have had pretty good luck so far, 2 for 2.  the one in the photo is one of my favorites,  i took photo copies of vintage post cards and decoupaged them to the table.  vintage post cards, something else fun to collect!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Elkhorn Flea Market or

Bust!   well, it was a bust.
made labels, priced and boxed up items

we had to take out a little arbor from the backyard and hated to trash it so I thought maybe we could we salvage part of it.  since I was in flea market mode I came up with a little display to hang my vintage tablecloths.  It was a martha stewart arbor that I bought at K-mart after all!  Rick nicely rehabbed it and I was excited to take it to Elkhorn.  

my partner in flea market crime couldn't make it, so Rick offered to go even though he had to work until very late and we would have to get up very early to set-up, what a nice guy.  we got the truck loaded. tested it to make sure it would fit in the garage as there was a good chance for rain.  we must of moved stuff around as when it came time to put it in the garage - screeeeeeeech couldn't fit it in the garage.  had to let it sit outside.   queue rain.  went to bed, queue flu.  never made it.  oh well, next time.         

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I - O - WAY! the mini series, part 3

Sunday we headed back to you know where - The Cafe for breakfast.

It was very busy, but we took advantage of the wait and enjoyed coffee and a treat from the bakery, wonderful baked goods.  did I mentioned that I stopped in quick before my trek to JB Knackers for a treat and coffee? yes, that's right we all visited the cafe 3 day's in a row as Rick and Don also stopped saturday morn before golf.

 time to choose

Don's choice
 Rick's pick     

My delish dish

after breakfast we headed down to campus to check out the new chem building.  the campus is full of great old and new buildings.

bye for now iowa!