Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the office

welcome to my office.

just kidding.  this was command central when pricing, packing flea market goods.  i enjoy working in the garage on a card table, listening/watching one of my all time favs, the Dick Van Dyke Show. i learned that netflix works in the garage, yippee!  I have bought card tables from garage sales, they aren't priced for sale, usually doing their job and holding items for that are for sale.  But if it is a "vintage" card table that I like I will get up some gum-shun and ask it they would sell the card table to me.  most people are kind of taken aback that i am interested in the card table, but i have had pretty good luck so far, 2 for 2.  the one in the photo is one of my favorites,  i took photo copies of vintage post cards and decoupaged them to the table.  vintage post cards, something else fun to collect!

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  1. Love it! Love the old table AND the vintage postcard idea!