Wednesday, October 28, 2015

you break it..........

i've always wanted one of these :)

pretty fitting ending to a not so fun weekend.
trying to make the best of the weekend we
went for a drive in the country to see color and stop
at a lunch spot we use to go to when the boys were little.

not much color left but countryside was beautiful nontheless. 
lunch was ok.
the nice waitress did give us an extra large malt to share which was a nice surprise.

after lunch we stopped at an antique shop down the street and the above happened.

i took it off the wall to get a better look at it,  i put it back on the wall and walked 
around the corner and craaaash. down went the clock.
the antique shop folks were so nice, they weren't really going to charge me much at all,
but the price was good to begin with i just paid the full price. 
i think i can fix it.
time will tell.......

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