Monday, April 27, 2015

ready for a wedding

we headed to the booth at columbus antique mall yesterday
to bring in a few items and fluff the space.
i decided to go with a spring bride theme.

rick made the 3 tier wood cupcake stand. 
we saw something 
similar on pinterest and tried to get the plans 
but couldn't, so rick figured it out himself.
it's not only for cupcakes,
it can be used to display whatever treasures you like.
isn't it cute!
rick did a great job and is hoping to make a few to sell.
anyone that is interested email me
and i will pass on your info to rick.

here's a couple in a pink fry pan.....ha!

 there's even a few bridesmaids hanging around.
she doesn't look too happy, 
maybe there's a story there..........

this blanket doesn't have anything to do with the  
"wedding"  but i saw it at the columbus antique mall 
and thought it had great colors, and love the cactus.
but alas, it was a little much for my pocketbook.
need to sell and not buy!!!

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