Thursday, January 1, 2015

the bar is open

actually the new craft room
is open.
we a switched a couple rooms around and 
my new craft room is now in a bigger room.

it's a work in progress.

but the best thing is we had all the furniture,
only a shelf unit behind the door was 
needed to be purchased.

hoarding comes in handy.


  1. Hi Mara! I had to come over and see your craft room after you left your comment on my blog. I love the red! Very cheery. I also love your pink typewriter, and I have that same little wire Eiffel Tower, but I keep mine in my office at the day job. I don't want to give away too many clues about what I'm doing with my craft room, but I'm also hoping to find a schoolhouse map too ;-) I like your mid-century vibe as well. Take care!

  2. thanks for all the nice words Linda. i enjoy my craft room and feel very lucky. i love my pink typewriter - and the cool thing is it types in cursive! i just put a bulletin board behind the map so i can keep lots of inspiration there. good luck finding a school mag. can't wait to see your new room! it will be amazing i am sure!!!