Sunday, August 10, 2014

almost bought a vintage canned ham!

yup, this kind.
i would love a real canned ham - the camping type but
this type of canned ham is more of a reality.
i did ponder purchasing this as
it would go great with my 
grocery kitchen theme seen here.
but i did come to my senses.
for now.....

i am sure you are wondering where you could have gotten this
canned ham for yourself, it was at 
it was a last minute decision to go today.
i wasn't sure if i wanted to battle the heat,
get up early, drive etc.
but i am glad i went.
having been a vendor i appreciate 
everyone showing up with all their
treasures, it's alot of work selling at the market.
i didn't buy much but had fun wandering around
seeing what was out there.
below are a few items 
from the day.

 at first glance i thought this cool vintage stove was 19.50
wrong, $150.
didn't have my glasses on.

cute sign, cute name.

 love this, but it is
not in the budget.....
side note, when i was little my go to flavor
at basking robbins was licorice!

this was my purchase of the day.

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