Wednesday, June 11, 2014

what does the bear say

found this little feller at a church rumage sale.
haven't had a ton of luck at garage sales this spring,
but was happy to pick up this
little vintage souvenir ceramic bobblehead bear
 for 25 cents.
he was dusty and dirty when i found him and
he has a crack along his face.
 we'll pretend its from a little tussle 
with his brother or sister when they were bear cubs.

i hadn't heard of danbury wisconsin 
before i found the little fellow.
i looked it up on the map and it's up north 
close to the minnesota boarder.
not sure what is was known for (bears?) as a destination place
 back in the day,
but it must have been something to afford having it's own 
bobblehead bear.  



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