Sunday, October 27, 2013

winter finds

I went to one of my favorite resale shops on saturday.
 it's out of town but worth the drive as i always find some fun stuff at great prices. 
 this trip seemed to have a winter theme.
love this scarf it's pink and jadite green 
two perfect colors.

didn't pick-up the fireplace at the thrift shop, i took it home with me from our sale at the elkhorn flea market last may.
 it was my flea market buddy kathy's and 
it could have been yours!
no takers, so lucky me. 

retro snowpants - has to be from the 40-50's.
who knows maybe my uncles wore something similar 

fun blanket and hot pad.

a player piano roll - winter wonderland.
we had a player piano growing up.
loved it.
if i ever win the lottery it will be a must buy.


1 comment:

  1. Fun finds...especially the snow pants! And just in time too!