Thursday, September 12, 2013

found one!

on our way to mackinac island we stopped at the
washington street antique mall in 
manitowoc, wisconsin.

what is that blaring light in the back?

a pink aluminum christmas tree!

and not for sale......but i found one....

not that i could afford it.......

most aluminum christmas trees were produced in manitowoc, wisconsin 
by the aluminum specialty company
 back in the day.

the owner of the antique stores said you'd think it would be easy to find aluminum christmas trees in town, but they aren't. 
 she did have 15 trees at one time,
now she buys them on ebay.  

i just saw a pink tree listed on ebay for $2,999!

needless to say this one was not for sale either.
i have never heard/seen of this type of tree -
a peacock tree.  
it is flat, just branches on 2 sides. 


  1. the pink tree AND the peacock tree. Fun post...thanks!

  2. I saw a peacock tree on anther post last year and marveled at it! In a house with limited space...perfect, and someone was thinking!