Tuesday, March 26, 2013

good and plenty

a few weeks ago i found a board game that i didn't know existed.

the choo-choo charlie game. 
 i remember the commercial you can see it on youtube. i have had many boxes of good and plenty in my day but i never knew there was a game.  

magpie ethel just posted her great collection of board games, so i thought i would post my latest find.  my collection is nowhere near hers, maybe a total of 3 - candy land, the barbie game and now choo choo charlie.  i am having a hard time finding anyone that has heard of choo choo charlie.  maybe it was a west coast thing?

a box of good and plenty candy was not only a great candy but an interactive one also.  we use to shake the box back and forth to make the "choo choo" sound and then when it was empty you could make the sound of the train whistle by blowing thru the empty box.  
below are the other characters, but i am having a hard time finding their names.

poor pup, needs a box of good and plenty.

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  1. Awesome game and I love the pink choo-choo! I am also a fan of Good & Plenty candy!