Monday, December 3, 2012

urban vintage oasis

we made it!  my friend Kathy and i headed down to rockford, il for the opening weekend of the urban farmgirl shop.  good old mapquest gave me directions via the backroads, maybe it picked up on the "farm" and not "urban' name and not realizing it we got lost.  let's just say we gave a little extra change to the illinois tollway. 

it was worth the drive - driving.  great shop. we were there on saturday, and she sold lots the two days before but we found a few treasures.  my friend actually bought the cutest buffet and gosh darn we didn't have a big enough vehicle to take it back with us so we have to go down again to pick it up. 

all the items mary paints are beautiful, just perfect.  she was so nice chatting with us even though she was so busy with customers, restocking, fluffing the store.  

cool old trunk, came from my neck of the woods.  actually know a family with the name maug.

how sweet are these.  

the shop is in the cutest neighborhood, love this little house.  
how lucky are the neighbors to have such a wonderful new neighbor. 

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  1. ....gosh...don't you just hate it....having to go all the way back down again! I bet you planned that! Her shop looks wonderful!