Monday, September 3, 2012

door county - end of tour

            well, better end this long tour, otherwise it will be fall in door county.  door county is great to visit in the fall, they have a big pumpkin festival in october. 

the following are a few random photos.

love this motel sign. 

local grocery store.

nice color scheme inside grocery store

the door county drive-in still going strong.   I love drive-in movies.  we went to many movies at the drive-in growing up in california. this would happen quite often when the tv broke. 
dad would pop a big batch of popcorn, then we'd head to the local hamburger joint or mexican place for taquitos for take out to eat before the 1st movie. my parents always picked up a six pack of bottled coke but they always swapped out one bottle of coke for an orange crush form me. didn't like coke back then, love diet coke now.  my sister and i brought pjs to change into after playing on the swings between movies. we saw some great movies back then.  

the ferry to washington island.

thanks for coming along to door county.


  1. That Patio Motel sign is amazing -- I've always had a secret dream to own an old motorcourt motel. (don't tell anyone) The other dream is to do some junking in Wisconsin...

    1. wouldn't that be fun to own. i believe the patio drive-in and motel was for sale :) i can't talk my husband into a tin can camper so i don't have much of a chance for the motel. we would love to have you bring your fun style here. wisconsin has some great junk :) and great junkers like gracies cottage, FOUND FREE & FLEA / A VERY MODEST COTTAGE and fresh eggs antiques and much more! and urban farmgirl is nearby. come out to visit!

    2. and we can't forget the very nice jeanie of chippy shabbie, she was the first super star blogger that i met.