Tuesday, July 10, 2012

booth with a view

this is where i was able to set-up for the vintage find and flea show on sunday.  could it have been any better?

my very nice husband helped me out tons getting the items to the event, appreciate it!!!
 it was tempting to go sit in one of the adirondack chairs for day. thankfully rick didn't decide to do this.  

banner look familiar?  my son kyle and his girlfriend julie came by to visit, it was so nice to see them.  he might have been checking to see if the banner sold......

there were lovely tall trees to shade the area, it only got warm when the sun was overhead around noon.

but it wasn't hot enough to roast this marshmallow.

 a tiki bar was open during the event.

it even has vintage decorations.

my "checkout" here - capitol view to the left of the tree.  it was a great day, so many nice folks, fun to chat with them about vintage, collections, how certain items brought back good memories. i heard one lady on the phone telling someone it was a  fun day, she really enjoyed it.  and she mentioned it to me again as she walked by.

 everyone was so happy to get outside as it was the first nice day in awhile. we had 3 days in a row of over 100.  we have been experiencing the heat like a good majority of the country. 

Naomi from glitter workshop ran the event and Kim from
 persimon dreams helped out to make sure everyone was ok during the move-in. it was great to meet them as they were very welcoming. kim even ran home to blog about the event while it was going on and she snapped a photo of my booth : ) thanks!

the next vintage event "the craft-apple-ar"  how cute is that, is at kim's family orchard
lapacek orchard 
 on august 24th.  
another great venue for a great event!

thanks to everyone that i meet, it was a fun day!

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