Wednesday, March 14, 2012

happy pie day

yes it does!

 we had pie day at work today, yum!   we have celebrated pie day for the last 13ish years. first we have pizza pie then on to the main event, pies, pies and more pie.  another banner year for pie day.
     this year i used a recipe from the norske nook, sour cream blackberry pie - but i made it a sour cream berry pie.   click here to make your own norske nook blackberry sour cream pie.   way back when, i worked at a little grocery store in osseo, waldo's corner grocery.  many a friday night, helen myhre who started the norske nook, would come in after working a full day at the restaurant to fill up 2 grocery carts with roasts, veggies, fruit, butter etc. whatever was needed to continue the good home cookin' at the restaurant.  she was a hard worker.  helen helped to put Osseo on the map with the norske nook, she even appeared on letterman and made or tried to make pies with dave.       pie makes people happy!


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