Sunday, February 5, 2012

camp waunacamper

goin' to the RV show!
we are dreamin' about getting a camper again.  we had a pop-up when the boys were little and had lots of fun with it.
this was the only cute one at the show. otherwise it was row after row of white,tan and brown color scheme campers.  you had your choice of brown/tan, brown/beige, brown/sand or brown/brown interiors.
where are the colorful, fun ones like the ones in the great movie, "the long, long trailer" with Lucy and Desi.  they need to bring these back.
this might be as close as i get to finding one.  happy trails!    

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  1. Sorry we missed you! We left feeling the same way....brown beige and boring! Came home and searched for vintage campers! I can only see you in vintage!