Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wauna - fest!

the only fair animal, the kiss the pig - pig. 
sorry bad photo,  he does have a snout :

the parade is always fun, my favorite event of the jam packed weekend.

thumbs up for non scary clowns.

I think Kyle and Julie enjoyed the goofy clowns.

cuties megan and marissa ready for some parade fun.

here they come, always a crowd favorite.

 we don't have giants in town, this is a mini semi, there is a guy actually stuffed in the cab driving it. 

Rick entered his boat in the parade.........

hey, girls lets pick-a-duck!

we're all winners, let me introduce you to the waunafest royalty, my lovely sis-in-laws - princess donell, princess sue, and lovely nieces - princess marissa and princess megan.

polka, polka, polka!

number one fan -  ha! ha!
look familiar? picture the puppet tuba player in the sound of music.
Ricks fav band member,  has his cd.

kyles first time in the beer tent.

eric and rick enjoying the band and some quality brother time. 
good old fashion fun.

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