Tuesday, June 28, 2011

made it to elkhorn flea market!

Well actually, to buy and not sell.   Kathy/Kate was up north so no selling, so my friend Denise and I headed to Elkhorn to find vintage treasures.   The weather was perfect, a bit warm at times but all the vintage fun was calling so we trudged on.


love this sign!!!

love  Gracies Cottage  booth.

good 'ol house of pork, Kathy/Kate and I had a booth next to this hot spot a few years ago. Denise and i tried the brats and they hit the spot.

cute booth by the Iowa Junk Gypsies.

paris flea items?



fun ride.

vendor selling/camping in style? note cute attached tin can camper.

i bet a few folks wanted to stop here on the way home after enjoying another fun elkhorn flea market. 

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  1. Thanks for the very kind shout-out, Mara! "electro foods weenies" - huh indeed! Your pics make me want to go shop Elkhorn...don't think I saw any of that great stuff outside!