Tuesday, June 30, 2015

bags packed at the elkhorn flea market

look at what i got at the elkhorn flea market!
look familiar?
see previous post.
it has to be the same set of luggage on the album cover photo.
the price was $20 for all 3!
i was looking at the set and before i could say anything,
the lady said she could let the set go for $16.
i use vintage suitecases for storage
and for travel.
below are a few fun items at the elkhorn flea, always a great time.

my son is into snowmobiles, 
but i think only a prince could afford this sign. 

essential 50's advertising piece.

my favorite fair ride when i was little.

 heavy duty trophy.

and the trophy goes to this for
"most creative vintage flea market cart".
sorry for the bad pic, had to hurry and take it before it passed
me by.

 wouldn't this be fun to use this awning indoors.
kitchen range hood?

 what's up with the crazy prices?

goes without saying, 
can see micky and goofy pulling this
on one of their adventures.

well, got to pack up my bags up and head for home,
as the clouds are a brewin'

Saturday, June 27, 2015

bags packed?

 hope you are all having a fun summer,
maybe have your bags packed 
for a fun trip?
(sorry about the price tag on the album,
if i took it off it would tear the cover,
why do they do that!)
just adding a little summer color to the
spare bedroom.

Monday, June 15, 2015

u complete me

false alarm, hallmark wasn't calling......

 went to michaels and found quite a few U options.
i went with this U but, 
but need to figure out the color as it blends in with the background.
the j is actually a light blue, n is white and the e is press board?
any ideas?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

need u

i hear the phone ringing from hallmark.....

june, please slow down.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

rhubarb pie oh my!

keeping the pie theme going, my best pie is 
rhubarb pie, at least i think so anyway. 

 i should have taken a photo of the pie before it was gone, 
but it didn't work out that way......

but here is the recipe that i have used forever,
it's from the good ol' better homes and garden
red plaid cookbook.
mine is from the late 70's.
use your favorite crust recipe 
and you too will be looking at an empty plate.