Thursday, May 30, 2013

37 years

happy retirement rick!
37 years helping countless kids in the madison school system.
we had a nice family gathering to celebrate his wonderful accomplishment.
thanks to eric and sue, mitch, megan, and marissa for hosting.

we are lucky to have such wonderful families to share in the joy.

how neat is that!

Monday, May 20, 2013


we made it to the big show at elkhorn. 

kathy and i had fun, worked hard, laughed lots and survived  "truck camping". 
 we also enjoyed talking to the shoppers. one couple bought a screen door that kathy had brought from her own beautiful vintage home and it turns out they are getting married on a lake in september and they are using the screen doors as the alter.  
how cool is that.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

elkhorn lemons or lemonade

remember this?

surprise! i bought it last september at the elkhorn flea market.

my flea market buddy Kathy

 and i are hoping to sell sunday, may 19th at the elkhorn flea market. 
currently the weather is changing for the better, fingers crossed.  

i think mother nature is telling us 
lot's of luck.

if the weather cooperates we will be at booth #1392, behind the small buildings.

if we do make it, 
this special moon lamp can be yours! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

big treasures

it's time!

how cool is the garage sale map cover. the artist is John R. Sargent
 (not to be confused with john singer sargent, one of my favorites)
He is selling prints and greeting cards of the cover and proceeds of sales purchased may 9-11 benefit the W.E.B. Food Pantry.
how nice is that.

i had a little luck in todays hunt, guess you could say big.....luck.

no not this, darn.  i tried. the husband would like to sell it but the wife doesn't want to.....humm.

but at the same place i found....... 


and this. (not the wheels)

think life size postcards.  
they weren't sure of their history.  someone thought they were in a neighborhood bar back in the day.  
the photos look like they were taken in the wisconsin dells area. 
would love to know the history.

day one off to a great start.  back at it tomorrow.

wish me big luck.