Friday, June 29, 2012

and the winner is..........


i won a giveaway from the cute shop JB Knackers, in gilbert, iowa.  i was so surprised to see that i won when brenda posted my name.  the lovely prize included the banner, mason jar, 2 flower magnets and hand made soap in a cute gift bag!  she had posted a different banner but she picked up from my blog that i like bright colors so she sent me this one - how sweet is that. 

she is so nice and full of energy.  i don't know how she does it but i am glad she does.  can't wait to go back and visit the shop in iowa.  

thanks so much brenda!  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

H and G

   sleepless in seattle,  when harry met sally, you've got mail, julie & julia
wonderful movies, among many more, thanks Nora Efron.  can't imagine not having these treasures.  along with being great movies all have great set design.  i would love to live in this kitchen from sleepless.  Nora came from good stock, her parents were in the biz and one of the movies they were involved with was "desk set" staring kate hepburn and spencer tracy, a great movie. 

                        time to have a movie marathon.

Monday, June 25, 2012

elkhorn sprint

i ran out of gas during the market and inturn didn't make it all around.  i need to slow down, but it is so fun going from booth to booth that i kind of hurry thru.   here are a few pics from some of the booth i did visit.
this banner followed me home.
not for sale - darn!
chippy shabby was there, sorry bad cut-off photo
how cute is this arrangement from chippy shabby. (minus the bag)

too funny!

guess i thought i was training for the
2012 london flea market olympics.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


happy summer!

Monday, June 11, 2012

we flipped over NYC

we had a wonderful time in the big apple.  my sister-in-law and niece graciously invited me to go on the band and choir bus trip to new york. a bus trip, a little nervous about the bus but it worked out wonderful.  we were dropped and picked up at all destinations it was great.  the kids were fun to be around and it was fun to see them take in the big city. we had a tour guided who lived in new jersey (now lives in minnesota) he was very knowledgeable about the area.  not to mention he has been doing tours for quite awhile. after leaving our tour he was headed for another tour in hawaii......nice.
anyway back to the trip - it was packed - go go go,  which is the way to do it. the plays we saw were wicked and lion king both amazing.
below are a few random photos.  the photo above was taken at battery park. the street performers picked 3 of the 4 "volunteers" from our group and i am glad to report - nobody got hurt.

sorry about the crane, everywhere you went in new york there were cranes or scaffolding.

p diddy's vehicle?

 didn't see any celebrities, darn. (we did wander thru a photo shoot for ben stiller's new movie - sans ben stiller)  so i am pretending this is
 bon iver.  but he would be wandering the woods of wisconsin, not the concrete jungle of new york.

thanks sue and marissa for letting me tag along, i had a wonderful time!

Sunday, June 3, 2012